Disgusting illegal dumping on the Cavan/ Meath border


It is criminal for anybody to indiscriminately dump 600 tonnes of waste in the beautiful forest land of Drumgill in Kingscourt on the Meath Cavan border.

 I am disgusted that this reckless crime could take place. This will cost hundreds of thousands of euro to clean up. Money that could have been put to good use by Coillte. The costs are not solely financial. The impact of this waste on the forest and the overall climate cannot be underestimated.

 I urge An Garda Síochana to work with Coillte and the two County Councils to find out who committed this crime and to bring them to justice. I implore the Government to help Coillte and these local authorities to meet the costs of the clean-up, so that this idyllic part of the country is returned to its former beauty.