Brexit uncertainty increased by fragmented British political landscape – Smith

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Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan, Brendan Smith, has said uncertainty and concerns have increased in the Border Region as the Brexit deadline of October 31st approaches.

Speaking during a Dáil debate on the introduction of Brexit contingency plans, the Border Region TD commented, “We should prepare for a disorderly Brexit as it becomes clear there is a vacuum of leadership in London and Stormont. It is very concerning this is the situation we find ourselves in as the October deadline looms.

“The claims from Tory leadership candidates are frightening and short-sighted. The wild speculation and the misinformation that is passing for political analysis from those around both of the Tory leadership candidates leaves us with no alternative but to be prepared for the worst, but we must still be careful that what we do and say does not add fuel to the flames of the misinformation. There is a responsibility, indeed a duty, on those who speak for the Government to be measured and precise in their phraseology in these uncertain times. People need to be kept informed.

“The political atmosphere on the neighbouring island is now so febrile that even the wildest piece of nonsense, something that we here know as totally untrue and incorrect, is hailed as political fact. We risk seeing a whole fictional fake news world being built up around the idea of alternative arrangements as a viable and available solution.

“There is much uncertainty over the border. As someone who crosses the border daily, travelling around our community the proposed ‘solutions’ are very concerning.

 “We cannot allow a hard border to be implemented on our island. The government must do everything to protect against this. The primacy of the Good Friday Agreement must be protected.

 “While we still fervently hope for an orderly and managed Brexit based on the already negotiated withdrawal agreement with a lengthy and calm transition phase, we know that we must prepare for a no-deal Brexit,” concluded Deputy Smith.