Govt. must be clear on Brexit preparations – Smith


Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan, Brendan Smith, has called on the government to outline to Irish citizens what its plan for a no-deal Brexit are.

Deputy Brendan Smith commented, “It is really concerning to see British politics further disintegrate as we approach the Brexit deadline of October 31st. By suspending parliament Prime Minister Johnson has only deepened the divide in British politics and move us further away from getting a Brexit deal done. 

“It is hard to predict the outcome of Brexit. Each day the situation takes a new turn. The only consistent seems to be the lack of apparent preparedness or clarity from government.

“Clearly our own domestic preparations must be ramped up by government as a no deal Brexit now seems very likely.  Ministers here have failed to clearly outline what a no deal Brexit will look like.  Farmers and exporters have been left in the lurch and have been unable to get a straight answer when they ask where the border checks will be if a no deal comes to pass.

“The government has simply not been open with its plans leaving individuals and businesses facing a no deal Brexit unable to properly prepare. For those of us living in the Border Region our concerns are amplified by our unique situation.

“What we need from government now is transparency.  This has been severely lacking and with just over two months to go until a possible crash out by the UK, this is simply no longer acceptable”, concluded Deputy Brendan Smith.