“Below is an important statement by HSE, An Garda Síochána and Monaghan County Council – the clear messages in this statement must be adhered to by all” – Brendan Smith TD

2nd October 2020

Media Release – North East Major Emergency Management Interagency Group

Monaghan can still bring the number of Covid-19 cases back under control if we all take action – a message from the HSE, Monaghan County council and an Garda Síochána

People in Monaghan have been asked to limit the number of people they come into contact with over the coming days as the county works to reverse the recent worrying growth in the numbers of Covid-19.

The HSE, Monaghan County Council and an Garda Síochána are working together through emergency management structures to co-ordinate the community response to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

In recent weeks, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases detected through HSE testing, leading to the agencies to appeal to the people of Monaghan to work to reverse that trend as quickly as possible.

Dr Ian Quintyne, Specialist in Public Health Medicine in North East explained that prompt action now could bring the situation back under control.

“Monaghan has come from a low number of cases, and although the recent rise is worrying we still have time to get it back under control – if we all act right now.
The people of Monaghan have done great work over the last few months, and it’s that work which is giving us a small window of opportunity to turn things around,” he said.
 Dr Quintyne added:

“Here are the actions I am now asking everyone to take for the foreseeable future:
 – Keep numbers of contacts as low as possible. I know that we want to liveand socialise as normally as possible, but if we see fewer people now it gives us a greater         chance of reining this in.
–          Be really scrupulous about keeping your two metres distance from anyone that you do not live with.
–          If you have any symptoms or are worried at all, don’t hesitate – ring your GP and follow your GP’s advice. If your GP refers you for a test, then please isolate at home.
–          If we in Public Health advise you to stay at home, then please follow that advice.”

 Chief Superintendent for the Monaghan Garda Division, Aidan Glacken said:
“In supporting the Covid-19 public health guidelines, we need everyone to double down on the tremendous efforts they have made here in Monaghan. We need everyone to limit the contact they have with each other. Whilst you may feel safe at home and think it’s ok to have friends over or have a party, you are putting your health, their health and everyone you come into contact with afterwards at risk. It is vital that you continue to play your part by limiting contact with others – this will save lives.”

The Chief of Executive of Monaghan County Council Eamon O Sullivan said:
“In light of the increase in positive Covid-19 cases across our communities it’s more important than ever that we hold firm, protect each other and follow the public health guidelines. Social distancing, wearing face coverings and handwashing play a crucial role. Limiting our number of contacts plays a vital role in reducing the spread of this virus and help our frontline health and emergency workers respond effectively. We can get through this together if we all do our part.”