Brendan Smith calls for a full and comprehensive investigation into the Belturbet bombing

Speaking on the 49th anniversary of the Belturbet bombing, Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan, Deputy Brendan Smith, has repeated his call for a full and comprehensive investigation into the Belturbet bombing which caused the deaths of two teenagers, Geraldine O’Reilly and Patrick Stanley. 

Deputy Smith commented, “At my request, the Taoiseach has raised this very important issue with the British Government on the need to address our ongoing request for a full and comprehensive investigation. 

“We need answers and the very least the O’Reilly and Stanley families deserve is the truth having suffered decades of grief for the loss of their loved ones. Almost a half-century has passed since that fatal night in Belturbet. We must never forget that it is never too late to get the truth.” 

Deputy Smith has described the idea by the British Government to impose an amnesty for murderers from British state forces and paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland as appalling. The Cavan Monaghan TD added, “The British Government has suggested we cut off forever the possibility of getting the truth and that we close down all avenues of investigation. 

“The Oireachtas must ensure the message continues to go back that we will never give up on seeking the truth. The very least the families, whom I know so well and who have suffered so much deserve is to get the truth and to be assured the agencies of both States and the Governments have their interests at heart and that they will leave no stone unturned to try to get to the truth of what happened on the night of 28 December 1972.”

“We cannot deal with the past without getting full co-operation from all relevant security agencies. I know many families who have lost loved ones, including the O’Reilly and Stanley families, who have not got the truth, but those families have acted over the decades with such grace and dignity. They want to get the truth and they fully realise that getting prosecutions will not be easy. Unfortunately, time is passing” concluded Deputy Smith. 


Please see attached transcript of a recent Dáil contribution by Deputy Smith on the Belturbet bombing.