St Anne’s NS Bailieborough get Initial Project Approval – Brendan Smith TD

The Department of Education have now issued the initial project approval to St. Anne’s National School Bailieborough in respect of the provision of 6 mainstream classrooms, 1 Special Education Teaching Room and 3 Special Education Needs Room.

I welcome this approval by Minister Norma Foley – TD and I compliment the Principal, Paul Corcoran and his staff, the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association on their work in bringing this project to this stage.

Brendan Smith TD

Initial project approval (5 of 5)
School Name:Bailieboro N.S (St Annes)
Roll Number:18059J
Programme List:Additional School Accommodation Scheme
Project Type:Extension
Delivery Mechanism:Devolved
Project Brief:6 X Mainstream classrooms, 1 SET room, 3 SEN base