20190412_100346000_iOSIn these uncertain times, the Midlands/North-West constituency needs committed and experienced representatives in the European Parliament focused on the serious issues facing us.

I ask for your Number 1 vote on May 24th to elect me as your MEP, your representative in Europe.

I know the inner workings of the EU through my extensive ministerial and parliamentary experience. I have served on a range of EU Councils of Ministers and worked across the EU as Chair of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs and Trade and Defence Committee. I also chaired the British-Irish Inter Parliamentary Body.

Electing me as your MEP ensures that the real and pressing issues facing our communities, urban and rural, are not just voiced in the committee rooms of the European Parliament, but that they are heard and pursued vigorously across Brussels and Strasbourg. Issues of particular importance to our region include:

  • The economic and social threats posed by Brexit
  • Protect the Good Friday Agreement and ensure that it applies in all Brexit scenarios
  • Support and reform CAP and ensure adequate funding
  • Investment in infrastructure including broadband and transport
  • The challenges facing our fishing communities
  • Address the serious Climate Change challenges and protect our environment
  • Turn the EU’s digital single market into a reality for the region
  • Shape a new agenda for this region’s place in a renewed Europe

As your MEP I will be a strong voice and will work diligently to build alliances with representatives from other like-minded Member States on the key issues affecting Ireland and the Midlands/North-West region in particular. 

FF Alde


Ba mhór an pribhléid agus onóir domsa a bheith mar ionadaí i Dáil Éireann do mhuintir an Chabhán- Muineachán ó 1992. Ó shin i leith d’oibrigh mé go dian dicheallach agus rinne mé mo seacht ndicheall ar son gach uile duine sa dáilcheantar. Geallaimse go leanfaidh mé ar aghaidh leis an obair tábhachtach seo ar son mhuintir an Chabhán-Muineachán, na teaghlaigh agus an phobal áitiúil tríd is tríd an dáilcheantair.