Military Action must be Last Resort as Peaceful Resolution required in Syria

Fianna Fáil calls for intensified UN efforts to end conflict in Syria

Fianna Fáil is calling on the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore, and his Ministerial colleagues at the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU to use their influence to push for a UN backed peace plan for Syria involving all members of the UN Security Council.

“Now is the time for a resolution at the UN calling for action to end the conflict in Syria and take measures to prevent further massacres in that country. The reports that over 1000 people were killed by forces utilising chemical weapons last Wednesday shows how deadly and reprehensible the conflict has become,” stated Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Deputy Brendan Smith TD.

Deputy Smith has called on the Tánaiste to engage with the US Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister to seek a road to peace in Syria. He has called on the Tánaiste to demand new efforts in support of peace: “It looks increasingly likely that the US and UK are going to take action in response to the horrendous gas attacks on civilian population last week, however, the danger remains that ad hoc intervention means only an extension of the civil war – what the people of Syria need is an end to this conflict. There needs to be a voice urging peace talks, talks that are needed without further delay and Ireland can be that voice”.

Deputy Smith welcomed the UN delegation’s investigation into the recent attack near Damascus and called on the UN Security Council to act to prevent any further massacre of innocent civilians in the region. Deputy Smith stated: “The UN Security Council must now unite and act to prevent these awful atrocities. The United Nations exists to secure peace and security in the world. If the UN Security Council fails to act in this instance the humanitarian and human consequences of the conflict will leave lasting scars on society there for decades to come. The UN must examine all options and pursue an end to this on-going and horrific conflict and restore peace to the region. The conflict cannot be allowed to carry on along its bloody and devastating path.”

26th August 2013