@fiannafailparty Condemns Racist Abuse and Lack of Support for Anna Lo @Anna4Europe

FF Condemns Racist Abuse and Lack of Support for Anna Lo

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Border Region Development, Brendan Smith TD, has strongly condemned the continued racist abuse directed towards Alliance MLA, Anna Lo, and criticised the lack of support she has received from Northern politicians.

It follows reports that MLA Lo’s plans to leave politics and Northern Ireland for good as a result of the racism she fell victim to.

“To think that a politician can be hounded out of office on the island of Ireland in the 21st century because of their race is an outrage. The fact that Ms Lo has decided not seek re-election due to a litany of continued racist abuse is a shameful day for politics on this island,” said Deputy Smith.

“This is the kind of politics that needs to be left in the past. I am calling on community leaders and politicians from all sides to stand up to these racists and make sure their voices heard in support of Ms Lo.

“Ms Lo has said she does not feel safe in Northern Ireland and that many people she knows feel the same way. If Northern Ireland is to have a successful and shared future, it is vital that all sides work to ensure that every race, every creed and every person across this island feels part of their community. That is a goal we should all share,” Deputy Smith concluded.


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