Full Truth on Collusion Needed – Smith

– Series of documentaries show extent of British State collusion with paramilitaries –

Speaking following a series of documentaries on Spotlight, Panorama and RTE highlighting the extent of State collusion with loyalist and provisional paramilitaries Fianna Fáil TD Brendan Smith has called for a full and independent investigation involving all of the groups to be established as part of the reconciliation process.

Deputy Smith commented, “Panorama, Spotlight and last night’s RTÉ documentary exposed the level of violence unleashed by British state collusion with vicious paramilitary groups. It is imperative that those involved are brought to justice. We need a full inquiry into this policy, including the release of all papers relating to the Dublin Monaghan bombings.

“History cannot be allowed to be re-written by any group, party or State. The full truth must be revealed for real reconciliation.  Last night’s documentary was a harrowing reminder of the depth and scale of carnage that was visited upon citizens in the North and in the Republic by men and women of violence. The horror of the troubles, inflicted by the Provisional IRA, loyalist paramilitaries and agents of the British security forces must be fully exposed and those involved brought to justice.”