Eircode must use proper Irish version for addresses

Cavan/Monaghan Fianna Fáil T.D. Brendan Smith has called on the Minister for Communications to ensure that Eircode, in the introduction of the new postcode system, will have all places names, named and spelled correctly in their original Gaeilge as well as in English.

Deputy Smith raised this issue through Parliamentary Questions in Dáil Eireann and Minister White replied as follows: –

“The use of Eircode is voluntary, not mandatory and there will be no requirement to change existing addresses in Irish or English. The Eircode is simply appended to the existing address be it in English or Irish. With the exception of the existing Dublin district codes, all Eircodes will be neutral of location in both in the English and Irish language which means that the seven digit code is considered data rather than language.The Irish language organisations are satisfied with this approach.

Eircode in consultation with Conradh na Gaelige and Foras na Gaeilge has produced bilingual promotional material and postcode notification letters that will be issued to all postal addresses in the State. Bilingual staff are available in the Eircode call centre to take calls from members of the public in Irish. The addresses in the Gaeltacht areas will receive their Eircode letter using the Irish form of their address.

I will continue to work with Irish language organisations to ensure that all elements of the project are in compliance with Irish language requirements”, stated Minister White in his reply to the Cavan/Monaghan Fianna Fáil Deputy.

Brendan Smith has had contact and discussion with a number of constituents throughout Cavan/Monaghan who are very proficient in Irish and who are very good advocates in promoting the Irish language. He added that this is an issue that he will continue to pursue with the Communications Minister.