Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade & Defence to hear from Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association

Among the issues to be discussed today will be the important role of our Reserve Defence Forces


7 Feb 2019, 09.29

The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade & Defence will meet today at 9.45 in Committee Room 1, Leinster House to hear from the newly elected Executive from the Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association.

The Committee will be briefed on issues within the Reserve Defence Forces by General Secretary of the Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association, Neil Richardson.

In advance of the meeting, the Chairman of the Joint Committee, Deputy Brendan Smith, said: “The Committee is eager to receive an update and hear the voice of the Reserve Defence Forces members. The service which the Reserve Defence Forces provides is invaluable, and with that in mind it will be good to discuss matters with RDFRA.”

“It is of the utmost importance that the welfare and conditions which Reserve Defence Forces members experience are sufficient, and the Committee is keen to ascertain the level of progress made in this regard.

“Furthermore, members of the Committee will be seeking information and detail on how the State is fulfilling its duty of care for members of the Reserve Defence Forces. The committee recognises the important role that the RDF plays in contributing to Ireland’s defence capability.”

Committee proceedings can be viewed live here: