Escalation of crime is a stark reminder that a new approach is needed

Under Garda1.pngFine Gael we have seen criminal activity rise to drastic levels. Last week we all read of the tragic and violent murders, lives thrown into disarray and families mourning loved ones.

In our neighbouring area of Drogheda we now know a teenager from the locality was violently murdered in a feuding gangland attack. This was a horrific incident which has no place in our communities. There is a real fear across communities as the nature of these murders ramps up.

In the border region, we have our own unique policing needs because of a long land-border with a neighbouring jurisdiction but Fine Gael do not get this. I introduced a Bill which would establish a Cross Border Crime Agency. This was introduced in the absence of any real political leadership from the outgoing government.

Gardaí can only do so much with the resources made available to them. The Force needs to stand at 16,000 Gardaí nationally. Gardaí must be resourced to operate 24-hour around the clock surveillance of the gang leaders that are controlling the sale and supply of drugs in our communities. They know who they are – they just need the resources to tackle them effectively.

Communities are being destroyed and families being left devastated by this epidemic. A new approach is needed as the Fine Gael approach to law and order has only allowed criminal activity to surge.